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Meet the Team

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FlyinMynd Founder, Coach

Julian holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports and High Performance from the German Sports University in Cologne, Germany and is passionate about psychology, teaching, learning and all things sports related.
He started skydiving in 2009 and has since accumulated more than 8500 Jumps, working on dropzones as Instructor, Examiner, Canopy Coach, Freefly Coach, Load Organiser and as Wind Tunnel Coach.
Julian has Participated in Several National and international competitions and Records and is a strong advocate for safety and continued education with regular publications in Skydiving Magazines on numerous Safety Topics.
Julian Founded FlyinMynd in 2019 to increase safety awareness and fill the gaps in Coaching Techniques, Safety Education and Self Leadership.


FlyinMynd Coach

Marius is a loving husband and father of three. He is the leader for the Norwegian national skydiving teams and a certified self leadership coach.
His main focus today lies in high performance coaching and wind tunnel coaching. In his 21 year skydiving career he has accumulated over 6000 skydives and has formed part of the Norwegian national skydiving team for 7 years.

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FlyinMynd Coach

Oscar is a world renowned skydiving freefly coach and load organiser. He is passionate about human connection and helping people achieve their full potential through meaningful interaction.
In his 10 year skydiving career he has accumulated more than 5000 skydives  and has been a regular coach at the world's most sought after skydiving events.

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